Solution, Meditate.


So, this week’s prompt given by Dungeon Prompts is about how we handle anger management.  Ha. In the environment I live in daily, there are plenty of people who test my limits in the anger department. It’s almost kinda hilarious how often my buttons are pushed on the daily. Whether it be a class gone terribly wrong; a professor doubling up on the homework; a lack of foresight on my part; a guy cutting me off on the highway; or the bone-chilling, high-pitched voices of most of the people on my campus, something will trigger something deep down inside of me that I can only roll my eyes at. Trust me, there are plenty of instances that people know I’m angry. However, there are even more that gets bottled up and stowed away for a later time. And I think that we all do that to some varying extent. Let me give you a running list:

Top 10 Ways to Anger Jalisa

  1. Messin’ with my family. (Said in a ratchet voice)
  2. Questioning my beliefs.
  3. Pushing your beliefs on me.
  4. The relationship of a lot of churches with the society around us.
  5. The use of the N-Word. Total low-class to be using that mess.
  6. And on that note, racism in general.
  7. Purposeful Ignorance.
  8. Asking the following: Do you own a casino? Does your tribe give you money? Do you live in a teepee? Can I feel your hair? And my favorite, Oh! I’m Cherokee too! (evil stare)
  9. Seeing the rich walk past the poor and then keeps right on walking.
  10. Oklahoma Politics (Really, Oklahoma? Stop electing them.)

And this isn’t a complete list, just the ones that are high up on the list that can get you chewed out if you do it or bring it up in front of me.  Just writing them all down made my blood temperature rise. But, apart from sporadic bitch sessions with the besties (which, let’s face it, only makes the matters worse because they are always your amen section), I have had to find a way to cope with all of these eye-rolling bullets that come sizzling by me. So, what do I do?

Meditate on my mom and dad’s rules:

  1. Remember who you are.
  2. Remember who your god is.
  3. Remember where you come from.

Do this and I promise, your life is going to a lot better than if you just let if fester inside of you. Bottling it up is only going to give us drama to watch you go through and laugh about. And you are better than that. Meditate and breath my friends. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.



4 thoughts on “Solution, Meditate.

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  2. Meditate! That is great advice. I always notice that I pretty much stop breathing when I get angry. If I can just remember to breathe, then that will add a little bit of clarity to the spiral spinning in my head during my angry moments.

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